I had eventually regained my concentration after I took my time to analyse the mansion, and realized there were many people wondering around the courtyard. To my curiosity it was very strange that there were only girls who were around my age. I thought it would be best if I could find more information from them since there were gathered around.

I took a few paces to my right and asked as politely as I could, "Hello! Would you girls mind to tell me what is going on around here?" 

They looked at me with disgust, trying to avoid me in any way possible. Except for one. A brunette girl walked up to me with her 1950's rose print dress and answered me abruptly, "Why don't you mind your own business peasant!"

I composed my anger and walked away. I should have assumed something like this would occur. I might as well had left before a commotion arose. But just as suddenly as I turned around to leave I overheard the girl mumble, "We might as well give you to the monster of a rapist that has come to our world, just to save our own lives."

My mind was racing to many assumptions. Were there new comers in this world after I left. It had been 13 years, although these rich peoples land never changed often. Not if the man they are talking about was the man I was trying to avoid. What could I do? I had to find the person who I was trying to pursue before I could do hard research on this matter.

I continued to depart from the courtyard and made my way to the nearest waterfall. I did not have enough money to take a proper bath, but I had to clean myself somehow. Of course I had to walk around the forest which was now on my left. It was not safe to walk through it; there were many rapist in there who knew how to hide well so they could capture a beautiful dame. 

Fortunately, about two in the afternoon I turned left - to pass another mansion - before I arrived to my destination. That mansion was covered by large walls, making it difficult for anyone to see how it looked like. I knew that there was a mansion inside because I knew its history. A history that had been kept secret from the family I had chosen to live with. I did not want to see it, mostly because I had to pass the traps that were placed before the entrance, so I continued pacing. 

After all that exercise, I saw the waterfall emerge from the trees that were hiding it. I stripped my clothes off, washed them and hung them on a slanted branch that was nearby. Once that was done, I took off the wig that was to help keep my identity secret from the people I was staying away from - just in case they suddenly passed by me - and carefully walked on the boulders that led to the waterfall so I could bathe underneath its crushing force. I scrubbed my body so hard as to clean out the the days of dirt that had piled on my body.

Luckily, the weather was hot therefore it did not take long for the clothes to dry. I got dressed and decided to go back to the courtyard to talk to those girls again. Now that my dress was cleaned it seemed as if I had just bought it, although it did not look like rich attire.

I was midway from the path I had come from and noticed that the odor I was following had changed direction. I changed my course to proceed my quest, directing my attention to the rich peoples' hospital. It looked rather neglected from a distance, making the hairs of my neck stand up right. 

At a swift moment a man comes out of the building like a maniac. It seemed as if his rationality was not present at the time. He made barbaric hand gestures and ran like he was in search of something, lust appearing all over his face. Instantly, the man turned to my direction and horror spread on my complexion. It was him. My caregiver, the only father I had ever known for many years and supposedly dead for the past 3 months was apparently alive.

The End

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