Fulfilling a Promise

I could not believe what I was doing! All my life I had dreaded the day when I had to return to this place, but as every being in the world knew, life was not what they expected it to be. I tried to avoid this confrontation  in any means possible, but I had to admit, I had overdone myself. My life was on the line, and all this was to keep my promise to the people I loved, even though they were not with me - dead or alive.

I walked on the clean pavements, embarrassed by the contrast it had with me. I should had bathed, considering the fact that I needed more than one bath to reach the quality the pavement had, but time was not on my side. I had to act quick before anything bad happened.

I had already researched the grounds at a point where I was sure that everything was fine. I did not want to be caught by that man who destroyed my childhood. Thinking about him was painful enough. It made me want to run away and let the wind take me back to where I belonged. Then again, who else did I have? I was alone trying to cling to something so pointless. Alas, I acted on this "pointless" vocable because for me, a promise is something more than just a word. It was something that had kept me going through all these years. I did not want to let anyone down even if they were not standing beside me.

It was finally time to suck my pride and march up to the end of that pavement. On my way to do so I stared at the forest that was on my right. Judging by the slant of the sun it was nearly time. To many that lived in this world ignored it as a result to their wealth. For me, it was a nightmare. A cold shiver passed down my spine. Images were reappearing like it had been yesterday that I left. Suddenly, I heard a a sound coming from the forest and I moved to the other end of the pavement, nearly falling of the cliff.

That was close.

Despite the tall trees that were at the bottom of the cliff, plenty of people are intimidated by climbing down there with a rope. There were endless stories about that cliff, but I never believed them. But before I could remember anything else I had finally reached my destination. I was surprised to see a large courtyard. My memory did not serve me well, but it had been years that I had stepped in those grounds.

The courtyard was accompanied by my favorite mansion. It was the only mansion that had four floors - not including the underground level which was the ballroom - and the craftsmanship was sublime. Who would not envy it?  I had to admit, it made me feel special that I was the only one who knew its darkest secrets. I had a feeling the owners did not have a clue that it had any in the first place. But enough about those thieves, I had to encounter the one that I was seeking. I could smell that familiar odor and I had to pursue it to get it over and done with. I could not endure the site of this place, despite it being something of value from my dreading past.

Life went on as it always did. Although with my return I might as well stop it.

The End

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