Battles Within

My life is the most important thing to me; why am I letting others try and wreck this once peaceful soul and turn it into a soul of fire and confusion. With every burning hour, I can feel my soul being dragged out in the woods of Hayden to be burned. Like a firery rage, I enter into a dark state of mind, which blood on thy steel is the only cure for a soul so impure; reach into the darkness of hell, pull from within, the demonic creatures and set free this once innocent and peaceful soul.

As I lay with blood of the dead forming in puddles around me, the fire rages heavy and I rise to my feet and raise thy sword; my mine's eye is boggled to what stands before me, more demonic creatures from within, and blood on steel charging at full speed, slice after slice I fall to the ground, my blood spills, prior wounds re-opened and I stand only to fall once agian. This innocent and peaceful soul who only fought for honour, has been subdued to fight out of rage, more and more demonic creatures of the night rise to take me down; the battle must go on, I shall never be defeated by the horrors of darkness. Rise this once innocent and peaceful soul and fight, fight for honour, leave no retreat, swing thy sword in feeble hand, show no mercy, as no mercy has been shown onto you; become whole, be the last man standing.

The End

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