Go to sleep

I filled my colt with bullets. I knew I'd only have six shots, he knew he'd only have six shots, but we're both still going through with it. I walked into the warehouse ran up to the top floor. Once there, I found a large cardboard box and hid under it.

Then he walked in, with his gun in his belt and his cigarette in his hand. I only took a quick look before I dropped the box. I could barely hear him as he got into his hiding spot. We were both just sitting there for twenty seconds before I got a text on my phone.

"Who goes first, me or you?" I immediately texted back. "You go." I could hear him as he walked around the warehouse looking for me. He made his way up the stairs, I could feel my heart pound, for I knew that any given second, I could be dead. I sat patiently in my box. Finally, I heard him remove his gun and take his first shot.

The noise alone almost drove me insane. Luckily, he wasn't pointing the gun anywhere near me. He spat on the floor and made his way back down the stairs. A couple seconds later, I got another text. "Your turn." I took off the box and went downstairs. There was so much stuff here I didn't know where to start. There were glass, plastic, steel, cardboard, anywhere he could easily hide. But I came into this knowing exactly where I was shooting first.

I pulled out my gun and shot a row of china plates.

I smiled. I knew I wasn't even close, but the noise of the glass and the gun shot should've shaken him up enough. I made my way back to my box. As I got in, I texted him that I was ready.

Once again, he walked upstairs and looked at all the possible places I could be. It was at the point I realized how stupid of an idea it was to hide inside an empty box, I mean talk about obvious. So I was a little worried when I heard him take out the gun. He fired, this time it sounded closer, but still didn't hit the box. As he made his way back down, I thought I heard him stop. I couldn't check why, but afterwards I heard him laughing. About a minute later I got the text to go. 

I decided this time to look near the front of the store, particularly the cash register. I wasn't allowed to look, that was the only rule. So I had to go on instinct and just shot through the wood. Nothing. I sighed and went back upstairs. Instead of going back to the box, I found a dresser, and decided this would be better to hide in. When I finally got in (it was a little snug), I texted that I was ready.

I swear to God I heard him running upstairs. He was only out for fifteen seconds maybe, and he fired. Then, to my surprise, he fired again. I was a little confused, that wasn't illegal, but I was curious as to why he did. Needless to say, he missed, and this time he actually screamed in anger. Something tells me I knew where he shot. After a while, I finally got the text, and got out of the drawer. I took one look, and knew I was right to move. I saw four bullet holes, two going in, two going out, in the box I just hid in.

I walked back downstairs and stood for a second. How did he know where I was hiding, I took a look upstairs and finally realized. The floor was made metal grates. One look up and he knew exactly where I was. I smiled, thinking it funny how I almost died there. I look up a hallway, it was full of video games and big t.v.s. I took a few steps down the hallway, looking for any and all possibilities.

Then I heard a gun shot.

I Immediately ducked and turned to see him standing just a few feet behind me, pointing his gun right at me.

"What are you doing? You're suppose to be-"

"You cheated! You were in that box and you moved!"

"There was never a rule about that, besides, you saw me from the-"

"Shut up! You cheated!" He fired again. "And now you'll die for it!"

I took off running down the hallway, but it was no use, he was faster than me. I fell to the ground and slid into the corner. He smiled. He pointed the gun right at my heart, and that's when I smiled. I forgot one thing, the Colt only holds six bullets. He used them all and didn't even realize. I got my gun out, and as soon as I did he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

His eyes widened for the moment before he sprinted away from me. I shot at him twice, hitting him once in the knee, and he fell to the ground. I had him at point blank the gun right at his skull.

"You'll never amount to anything in life, people are going to look for me, you're not gonna make it to the weekend." He said, his last words in an attempt to break me. I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered just three words. "Go to sleep".

The End

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