I just wanna fight because I can

He swings his sword down with impressive strength but the show wasn't seen for the atrocity he was commiting by killing the man that he never saw until today. A ferociuse wind blew past as the impressive energy from the blow dispersed. The soldiers began shake in fear there  facial expressions only showed fear.

" Come on , you are supposed to be the best there is! Put up a fight you Cowards!"  The murdering man that stood a good two feet above everyone , and had many scar across his face, he was thought to be a legend, but no more. The ghost of Zael is real!

" Fine!"

One swing of his blade toppels building , and kills the soilders who never stood chance under rubble.

" Weak!  You will all pay for wasting my time!"  The Ghost of Zael says angrily energy building around him, the force shook the ground violently and it began to swirl everything around him began to get torn from the ground. It was chaotic beauty. From above a figure  strikes down along the mans shoulder , with a great broadsword. He slide across the ground from energy that surrounded the man unscathed.  He stops sliding and push forwards  the Ghost of Zael and takes the younger man on.  His deadly sword swing with all the build up of energy hit younger mans broadsword.  A small explosion instantly fills the horizon, neither figure can be seen.

The wind blows by once agian the explsion setteling the younger man out of sight, the monserouse man disapointment is clear but under the rubble begins to move then shoots outward the youngman slightly beaten. Stands still ready  to fight the bigger man disapears from sight and appears before youngerman both blades screaming againts eachother the energy coming from both can be heard from a distance.  The younger man presses forwards until finally forcing his enemy  blade above his head he slice across his chest  and kicks him forward the man doesn`t even wince in pain , just smiles madly , and uses the shocker to slice the younger man down. He steps backwards a large gash of blood appearing , on his chest. The Ghost of Zael brings his blade up  to finish him.

" You didn't really get the rust off my sword but, I must say though your wearth telling why you lose. I fight because its because I can, and I know for a fact that if I do it just for fun my survival will not be hurt. I just have one question why do you fight?" 

The youngerman stays motionless , but in his eyes he thinks about it, " I don't have a reason. It just instinct when people are in danger."   He raises his sword the bleeding stops , at the tip of his blade energy builds into a compressed energy. It took the man by surprise. The younger man apears behind the man he blocks and strikes over and over smacking the man backwards.  They jump high into the air where the fight violently continues. For each strike a perry , and for each perry a counterstrikeOne mistake and the other will be destroyed, completely and utterly.

The youngerman perries but quickly twist his sword in such a way that his enemies is thrown off a bit.  He flashes behind him and finally release the energy time slowed as the energy blasted through the evil man and his blood was thrown into the atmosphere, it was peaceful but yet it gave birth to another violent evil man.

The End

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