Fight to kill

"Nice to see you came, figured you wouldn't." I just cut the bull and got out my sword, he did the same. In fights it's honorable to do three things. 1. Bow to your opponent. 2. Don't aim below the belt. 3. If you win, give the opponent a chance to live.

Of course, being me, I chose to follow none of those.

While he was bowing I charged at him. He saw me coming and raised his sword deflecting mine. I was forced to the floor when he jumped at me. I tried to get my sword up but I couldn't reach it, so I crawled as fast as I could towards it, narrowly escaping a stab to the leg. I got my hand on the sword and was back on my feet right behind him. I lunge towards his back but somehow he deflected it.

We were deflecting swords back and forth for like five minutes, I tried to get out of it but that got a nasty cut on my opposite hand. I had no other choice. He struck to the left and I jumped to the ground, covering myself in dirt. He looked a bit puzzled but that didn't stop him from coming towards me,and that's when I began to roll, creating a bit of a dirt storm, and blinding him just enough for him to swing in the air to no avail four times. I got up beside him this time, and slashed his arm clean off. The blood came out like a waterfall, I smiled. He then turned to me, with a look. It was a very, very angry look. He took his blade and swung it at me like a battleaxe. I was able to block it, but the blow still broke my sword in half.

So he's missing an arm, and I'm missing most of my weapon. In one way I would have the upper hand, but he's still a very powerful fighter with just one arm. So I picked a direction and ran in it, wiping some of the dirt off my shirt and onto my cut hand, to stop bleeding. It stung like crazy but it was necessary. I stopped and turned to check if he was close.

He was really friggin close! We went back to sword fighting again, but each swing he did made my sword smaller and smaller. I jumped back to the ground, but this time he got over me to prevent me from rolling, I smiled. I opened my cut hand and threw the dirt in his face, blinding him again. But this time, I took my thumbs and pushed his eyes into his skull. He was done, all he could do was scream. I took my thumbs out and he got to his knees, still screaming. I knocked his sword out of his hand, picked it up and began to walk away. But not before he cried to me.

"PANTHER! I don't care how long it takes, and I don't care how I'll do it. BUT I WILL FIND YOU, AND KILL YOU!!!" I turn back to him, and smile again, even though I knew he couldn't see me.

"You'd have to be alive to do that wouldn't you?" And with that, I threw my broken sword straight threw his back. He let out a final scream, one that I swear shook the planet, and finally fell to the ground. I didn't bother grab my sword, it's broken, and besides I had his. So I just walked away.

It doesn't matter how many times you get stabbed in the back in the past, just be sure when you stab theirs you enjoy it twice as much.

The End

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