Trouble With Pain Part 2

From the floor I saw Swarm raise his index and middle finger above his head and made a follow-them gestures. A chopper appeared and several people leaped out. They looked pretty much the same, all short hair but there eye colours were different.

Each one carried an assault rifle and there were about thirty.

“These are my clones, everyone in the same squad has the same power!” his high, creepy voice called.

I raised my hands towards the chopper. The blades began spinning out of control, picking up some of the clones who flew straight into the manic blades. I sent the chopper careering towards Swarm who flung himself out of the way of the explosion.

Focusing on the flames, I enhanced the heat and kinetically moved them towards more clones, scorching them to crisps, until the flames burnt themselves out.

I got up as they pointed their guns at me. When they shot, their bullets set on fire.

I made a sweeping gesture and the bullets stopped short of me. They span around me in a kinetic tornado and flew back, hitting several of the clones.

Shade appeared behind one and sliced the back of his neck, disappearing and reappearing in front of more.

I moved my discs into the centre of the group. Electricity crackled and jumped towards them from pylons and generators nearby. Each disc flew towards a clone, over their heads and shot out their electricity.

I hadn’t been watching Swarm who pointed at me. I was crippled with pain as several of the few remaining clones shot at me.

The End

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