The blood dripped part 3

I swung forward sending him backwards. I gathered some energy which I compacted around the blade and blasted out wards from it. Overwhelming him momentarily. Afterwards he stood bloodied from counter.  I didn't take time to gloat about and flew forawards meeting his sword. He blocked but he still slipped backwards from the force of the blow.  I lifted my sword and continued to swing it up then down. It was turning into an ordinary sword duel. I didn't have time too show who had better swordsmanship.

I stepped and slice fowards and began to run as energy began to force me down towards the earth. He tried to do the same but defensivelly but it was to late. I swung the sword around and cleaved him in half. Blood spatter everywhere it even seem to pour from the sky.  I sigh a sigh of relief then collapse.  The world was begining to fade as my breaths became shallower. I hope it was worth it.

The End

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