The blood dripped part 2

As I sailed through the air nearly defeated , and not quite sure wether I should continue I found my resolve. I started to fall to the ground head first  spinning. Blood continued to run from my chest wound I knew I didn't have a lot of time to act. I forced my feet forwards. I flipped upright and I saw my enemy brushing himself he was acting casual as if none of this was happening. I stopped falling energy surged through the air this time greater than before. This time I knew there was no other choices I had to win.  I pushed forwards towards my adversary , my body is still surrounded by the dark energy.

I slammed into him making him spew blood from his mouth as my feet hit the ground I slowed down but he slammed into a conrete wall making a crater. Had I finally given him a proper hit? I thought panting as the world began to spin. To counteract my body slowly passing out I concentrated on one thing making sure I wouldn't pass out. I was growing weaker by the second. I needed to end this while I still had the energy and alertness. I sped forwards into the dust and debris to meet him still standing and eager to fight. He unsheathed his from his back.

The blade missed me by inches I kicked him releasing more energy. He  stood his ground by shooting his energy into stability. His blade then sliced downwards and slice part way into my shoulder. he pulled his sword from the wound and blood squirted  from my shoulder.   I pushed forwards into a  highspeed tackle. We flew through a building I let go of him and slid backwards on my feet.  A few yards away was my own blade.  I dived out of the way of his next attack and picked  the sword and blocked a swift swing from him.

The End

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