The blood dripped part 1

I got up swaying uneasily on my feet. That last hit should have killed me. How can I possibly be standing.  My adversary stood ten feet ahead of me with a smile that topped any toothpase comerciall I have ever seen.

" This may just get very fun." He comments. 

Blood was running from my chest wound. Blood is dripping from a gash just above my blue eyes. I looked pretty beaten up. Around me was cracked , broken , burnt , shattered ,destroyed concrete. This fight has been brutal and there is more to come.  I summon whatever energy I have left in me.  Like an explosion black energy emerges from my body and begins to swirl around me. 

" If I have to die killing you. So be it. You can not make one more possible step." I say raising my arms ready to fight agian. 

It begins again with him jumping and shooting towards me with his blue energy swirling around him. I direct and compact the energy around my fists and I step forwards. As the two forces collide air is pushed aside violently. Then an sudden explosion of light. which quickly fades.   My adversary stands in front of me shocked that Nothing has changed beside the ground beneath has been compacted down.  I guess we had the same amount of force so that cancelled out the law stating. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction.

I take his confusement to kick him hard in the chest. He tries to block the last second but it is too late as he is sent across the battle ground followed by a black energy from me. I rush forwards to continue punching him. He blocks the punch and counters with a punch that sends me flying 40 feet into the sky.

The End

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