The wall (Chapter 2)Mature

 The walls crashed together. Garth ducked immediately as a sword scraped just over his shield and immediately arched his mace over after it, hitting the owner slightly off the top of his head. He was surprised to with the force of his own swing; the split-second resistance offered by the mans head between connecting, the splintering of the skull under the helmet, and the body going limb.

The young warrior promptly returned to the cover of his shield as the dead man was replaced with another live one. Next to him, Craig was roaring at the Bear's troops as his blade chopped into a neck. He let it fall with his victim and took the spear from the soldier behind him, stabbing it sideways over his shield and burying it in another man's side, twisting and then pulling it out only to swing the shaft up and over into the head of the new meat in front of him.

Garth ducked from another swing and this time crushed the hostile arm between his mace and shield, causing it to drop the sword. Then he raised the weapon again, letting the obviously broken arm go, and simply let it drop onto the foe's shoulder. Having effectively incapacitated the person in front of him, he looked to his side where he just saw Craig's spear recoil of a soldier's head.

The pack leader was having a hard time manouvering the long weapon for a killing blow though and the soldier was soon going to recover from the disorientation. Garth dropped his mace to picked up the sword and without hesitation stabbed it up from under Craig's shield edge, piercing a stomach. He quickly yanked it sideways, tearing open the belly before pulling out the sword and handing it to his pack leader. “You'll find this weapon more suited, sir.” He grinned as he picked up his own weapon again.

“Yeah. Thanks, kid.” Craig replied with a groan as the next shield crashed into his own.

The End

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