Lost Souls (Chapter 1 end)Mature

 The Bear's army broke its own shield wall. A few dozen of their frontline warriors had snapped at the sight of their friends' or relatives' remains being abused by the lost souls. Their pack leaders and swords brothers yelled orders and pleas for them to return to the wall, but their rage blinded them to no end. Soon they were upon the nude men and exacted their revenge, slashing, stabbing and clubbing them over and over until well after the last one had stopped moving. The Wolf's horn sounded again, followed by hooves thundering onto the field from behind a hump of soil on the left.

“See? Here's the good.” Craig said with a matter-of-fact tone as a gang of horsemen crashed their fully armoured warhorses through the Bear's punishers, swinging swords and maces or with couched spears. The riders had vanished as soon as they appeared, leaving a pack's worth of soldiers either dead or dying in their wake.

“Seven lost souls for an entire pack.” Garth noted in astonishment.

The End

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