Battle of the Genres

For years, the genres have been locked in battle, with no end in sight. But their world will soon fall if they do not get along. In order to save their world, they must enlist the help of a human. Will he really help them, or will the true heroes turn out to be themselves?

I set my lips into a tight line and square my shoulders, making sure my hair and robes are in place.

Today will bring a change to books forever, whether good or bad.

For years, as long as any of us can remember, the genres have been locked in battle. Each genre thinks that there are better than the others and believes that thy should be the only genre.

I'm here to change that.

As Queen Romance, I've always been the most compassionate. For a while, I've had it in my mind that we will all get along eventually, and this news has finally pushed to try to convince the others of the same.

With a final glance down at the scroll in my hand, I push open the door to my throne room.

The first thing I hear is yelling. Seated around a circular table is the ruler if each genre, from King Horror to Queen Fantasy.

Only one spot left open: mine.

I calmly walk up to my throne at the head of the table, hearing, seeing, and feeling the hate and resentment each genre has for the other.

I try to calm them all down, but it seems that all I do is make it worse. I try my hardest not to, but I end up yelling myself. I throw the scroll on the table, completely forgetting about the message in that one moment.

Suddenly, a blinding light overtakes the room. Through my squinted eyes, I see that it is coming from the scroll. A booming, yet calming, voice speaks.

"Your world is in danger, along with that of the humans. If you all do not learn how to get along, you will no longer exist. Because of your feud, humans are beginning to lose interest in reading. Before long, no one will read, and your world will slowly disappear."

I hear gasps around the room.

"In order to save your world, you must find a hero from the human world. Now, I need some volunteers…"

The last thing I see is the room disappearing from sight.

The End

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