New Beginnings

There was a strange familiarity that rushed over me as I stared out of the dirty windows of a small coffee shop located in the center of town. Finally finding a job, I barley had enough to rent a small apartment in one of the few apartments in the are even though I knew I knew I wasn't staying for very long.

My newly discovered town was located somewhere in the woods of Colorado seemed calm enough. Or, at least, enough for me to escape the people who wanted me.

I stood up and threw away what was left of the coffee I had ordered and left the shop. It was just after school had started so there was still some summer heat left, but at the same time, the cool autumn breeze blew threw my short brown hair. One of the reasons I had left the heat of the south was because I hated the heat.

As I continued to walk down the small streets of the little town the sun began to shine again. A little too brightly. I secretly stirred my fingers that were tucked in the pockets of my coat and the shifted the clouds that had just left the sun to block it once again.

The breeze came back and I smiled as I passed by little shops, looking at my reflection, almost not recognizing myself.

After I had left my home, I had dyed my hair brown, hoping that it'd make it harder for people to find me, but as soon as I thought that I saw a glimpse of a familiar face hiding itself in the alley way across the street.

"I always find a way to jinx myself," I rolled my eyes as I began to walk noticeably faster that I was before. A little too noticeable, but I didn't care. Getting out of this calm town was my first priority.

I swirled my fingers again catching the mans reflection again and stirred up some wind in front of him causing him to trip. "Serves him right," I smiled as I turned the corner and began heading towards the woods.

As I was about to cross the street that separated me from the cover of the woods two cars pulled up in front of me.

They tried to open the doors, but I was one step ahead of them, as usual. I took my hands out of my pocket and pushed a strong gust of wind that closed them back up.

Jumping over the cars with the help of my wind I bolted into the forest, stirring up dirt behind me to block their vision of me. As I ran I laughed as the feeling of the wind sent chills down my spine while filling my veins with adrenaline. I pushed off the ground and the wind lifted me up and took me above the thick of the trees. 

I looked back at the small town I had called my home for the past month, but I couldn't stay there. The last time I had stayed in a town, no one survived. They'll do anything to cover their backs.

I soared just high enough for people to think I'm a bird so that I didn't draw too much attention and always under a cloud so it's harder for satellites to track me.

Honestly, this was my life. Moving from city to city to keep away from as many people as I can. It's become a lifestyle that I quiet enjoy.

Now, where to next? I smiled as I began to search for a new place to stay.

The End

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