The Prophesied King

          Ten year old Xander was outside playing with his brother Roran. They played their regular games of tag and hide-and-seek. They were having fun playing together when a mysterious man clothed in a light brown robe with red hair appeared.

          The man with red hair had blazing, hypnotizing purple eyes. For some reason, Xander felt oddly safe with this man. It felt as if he knew this man his entire life. There was something special about him, he just seemed to radiate with an ancient long secret r

. The man looked down at Xander and smiled, but then the smile melted away and turned into a frown which then turned into pain. What was it about this man? Who was this man? And why is he so interested in him? 

          The man smiled and walked past the boys into their home. After a few seconds of the man's entering they could hear their father cry out in joy. "Ah! Hello there! What is out I can do for you?" I heard a low mumble come from the strange man. After he was talking I heard my father cry out for us .

          "Xander, Roran! Run away, away from this place, now and do not turn back! Run to our secret place and gather the map from under the..." The last words of his seemed to gurgle in his mouth, then I heard a THUD on the floor. At this time I knew the I'll intent of this man.

          I grabbed Roran's hand and ran, I ran as fast as I could without looking back, just as told.

          We ran to the woods in hope of refuge. The woods would give us cover with its thickness. Only those who knew the woods by heart would be able to navigate their way through them. I just hope this man is new to the woods. 

          We enter the woods, dodging the thick trunks as they throw themselves at us. I have to get Roran to the meeting place, he would be safe their. We are almost there now.  The spot is not far back in the woods, so once we get three we will have to grab what we need and go deeper. I don't know what these mysterious woods have  in store for us, let's just hope its something good.

The End

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