A brief history of Xandera. More chapters yet to come.

*note: the name Xandera was am idea given to me by my friend Shane.

          Xandera (pronounced Zan-dare-uh) what is what a beautiful planet filled with life and color. Everything was wonderful. The plants were bright and colorful the animals were gentle and playful and the people were rich.

          Now reader, let me tell you of their riches, their riches was not money at all. Their riches consisted of wisdom and love. The Xanderians were mostly peaceful people, however, when it came to war, they had a fierce army.

          Xandera had only been in a war twice, one was a civil war and the other was with a completely different planet. We will get to the second war later, but let me tell you of the civil war. The civil war had started because of one martyr. Many call this woman a fool for dying for her god. Xandera's capitol did not want her spreading 'false hope', so they did the only thing they could to shut her up.

          The capitol leaders had gathered together and discussed what they would do to get rid of her. They had two choices, they could kill her secretly and everything would go on as normal, or they could publicly kill her to prove to the people that they were in charge and would do anything they could to keep thing the way they wanted things. Let's just say, they chose the latter. 

          The capitol leaders gathered the people in the center of the capitol and had the woman burned for all to see, to make the execution more horrific,  they forced the family to be the ones to start the fire.

          Choosing to publicly kill the woman was a bad decision on the capitols behalf, having a martyr gave the people yet another reason to resent and protest their government.

          The people joined together and formed a group called the freedom fighters. The freedom fighters were determined to finish what they had started. Even if they knew they were going to die, they would fight until their last breath. The civil war lasted for three and a half years. The freedom fighters fought through city after city, forcing the capitol guards to retreat and group up. Then, the capital guard would push the freedom fighters back.

          It took two years to escape this predicament and march on to the heart of the capital. It took several weeks to take over the city and to "do away" with Xandera's leader-

          Things began to calm down, but it was still pretty hectic. The people decided to have a monarchy government, but they were allowed to appoint their first king. It took several months to choose their king. They had to choose somebody who would care for the individual. Someone who they could trust. Even with all of their wisdom, they still had a difficult time deciding who would lead and rule over them. That was, until one day they met Xander. 

The End

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