Thorri: Giant SlayerMature

"I got it!" my son shouted, as he finally struck down his first deer.

"Good shot, right in the neck" I said with a smile "Maybe soon you'll be just as good as me"

I got out my bow, aimed at a deer. I let the arrow fly and before the deer even realized the arrow it was dead.

"Lets get these deer back to the village, i bet they are eager to eat again" I ordered my son, as we picked up the corpses and took them into the village.

As we returned people clapped to see my son get his first deer, it was a sign that the people wouldn't yet starve out. We dropped them into the town hall and started skinning the deer and cutting out the meat that we weren't eating. I was showing my son how the entire way.

When we had finally finished we had it cooked and soon the entire village was eating some nicely cooked deer.

"Giant!" a woman screamed as she ran into the town hall. She looked as if she was running for hours.

"Dont worry, ill get rid of it" I announced as i stood up "C'mon boys. Son you stay here" I could see my son wanted to come with me but i could also see that he understood why he couldnt.

As we got outside, we could hear the growls of the giant as it approached our village. I went outside the village gates with my men and we met the giant before it could kill anyone.

At first it did nothing, looked us in the eyes. It towered above us, at least bigger than a building... Maybe even two buildings.

I got out my hammer, and awaited the first strike...

The obvious attack; left arm, right swipe. I jumped onto its arm as it swung and dug one of my axes into its wrist. It swung its arms into the air and i just held onto the axe. I let go when i was around its shoulder and i used another axe to make sure i didn't fall off.

As i ascended the beast my men showered it with arrows. The giant was too focused on getting me off to attack my men. The giant slapped its shoulder, and it got my foot. I held my pain inside as i could not stop now. I got to the top of its head and swung my hammer down into the middle of its eyes.

It got a little dizzy, it started to swing around a little bit. I dropped onto its nose and threw a couple more axes into its eyes. After that i managed to get myself stood up steadily and i swung my hammer into its nose, breaking it.

I dropped down lower, dug my final axe into its belly. As i was facing its stomach, i swung my legs to the left whilst my axe was still dug in, cutting open its stomach. The giants insides filled up the floor along with its blood and last meal.

I dropped to the floor, which i then immediatly dropped to my knees due to my foot. The giant dropped to the floor with a loud crash, dirt clouds everywhere.

The giant was dead and my people safe, after getting my axes back from its body i went back to my village and rested. I also saw to someone who could help me with my foot.

Later that night as i was going to sleep, i remembered why im even doing this. My wife was taken from me by the giants, whether shes alive or not i do not know. But i do know that i am going to find out, but i cant go into the giants main settlement alone, and not even me and my men were enough. One giant needed an army, let alone a settlement full of them.

I closed my eyes and feel into a deep slumber...

The End

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