The demon came towards me. Every inch burned with a terrible red light that seared my skin. It's cone-shaped head reared in anger and the horns at the back scraped against ceiling of the grand cavern. The massive, leathery wings opened, black bone visible and ending in spikes at the tips. It's great maw opened to reveal row upon row of teeth and a great roar enveloped the surroundings, almost bursting my ear drums.

The Dragon took a step forward, the shock of the footfall making the very floor shudder with fear. The moment it's mouth opened again, I took out my staff engraved with runes.

"Elhaz protect and guide, Kenaz controller of fire, cease this unruly flame!" as the plume of flame came at me, the staff hummed and the runes shimmered with silver light. Elhaz and Kenaz and the two engraved lines that combined them shone brightly. The light met the fire which erupted. Both protection and flames burst and dissipated.

Infuriated, the Dragon charged towards me, and where it stepped, the ground lit up as an inferno.

"Tiwaz, favoured of fate, will of Terra and the spear. Sowilo, power of the sun and focus of will, drive into the heart of this being!" I felt sweat bead my brow as the pure exertion of this spell crippled me. I fell to my knees as a great arc of burning  orange light soared towards the monsters great chest. It struck and a long, peircing cry filled my ears. 

"You will be no more, MIKILLHYRR!" The spear sank deeper with every faltering step. At the monsters true name, it stopped still and then fell to the floor. Slowly, cautiously, I approached the Dragon.

"You are a creature stronger than I. You are murderous as you are treacherous, yet you have suffered greatly at the hands of the Giants just as I have. For this I will try to end your suffering. The monster breathed on me as a bellows gust through the fire, "just as Ansuz, the creation, made you, so to can Ursuz send you back to the primal void from whence all things were born, you do not belong here, Mikillhyrr..." the dragon closed it's eyes and it's breathing stopped.

I sighed and moved past it. It's horde was plentiful, but I had no interest in these goods, well all except one. In the midst of the mound of gold and jewels lay a branch. I went to grab it but it suddenly flashed, blinding me for several moments. Fear took it's place in my stomach until, like a veil being lifted, my sight returned.

The branch had gone.

Deciding to meditate on this later, I continued down the path I had been on before the Dragon interrupted me. Pretty soon I had left the dark confines of the cave and was almost blinded again by the sheer light of the sun. I whistled once and a horse cantered under the canopy of the trees.

"I knew you'd find your way round girl, let's go, I have an important message to deliver to the Warchief," the horse touched my outstretched hand as if it had understood. My mind was filled with images and I quickly pulled away. Surprised, I leapt onto her back anyway and rode onwards to Asgard.


The End

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