Battle for MidgardMature

Pretty much the prequel to my dead collab Battle for Elysium. This story will be based more on Norse mythology.

Midgard, the expansive human kingdom is a place of high prosperity. With a nation that focuses much of it's attention of soldiers, even the most common of peoples are regarded in high opinion. Midgard's capital Asgard, in the furthest North, lies in the shadow of Svartalheim along the Frozen coast. The Navy of this country are used to travelling through harsh, cold waters, thus their technology regarding the navy is far advanced. The sister capital in the south is known as Vanaheim, where the temperature is higher and the land is green and wet. Vanaheim relies moreso on trade and the navy than any other place as this is where most of the Kingdoms food and such come from, hence it is a rich and wealthy merchants city.
Svartalheim is home to the Dark Alfs who inhabit the redwood forrests known as Svartalfar that choke the icy peaks. They live within the trees and have excellent night vision hence no need of light. There sight and senses are so astounding they can shoot a rat a mile away. They have magic, but there magic is more of the mind casting illusions and nightmares. They have a grim radiance about them, often seens as handsome rather than beautiful, tall and straight-backed with varying coloured eyes.
Under the mountains live the dvergar (dwarves). They generally keep themselves to themselves and are the greatest smiths in the known world. They once tried to teach men how to smith and somewhat succeeded, a theft committed by man however made them distrustful though helpful if needed. They are shorter than humans but much burlier with good eyesight and strength. They have several kingdoms within the mountain range.
The land of the Giants is split into two, those being Jotunheim, enemies of Asgard, where the Frost and Rock Giants live. It is an unforgiving place where blizzards are persistent. Jotunheim is a massive fortress city that travels for miles, the walls a few kilometers high. These giants are the most formiddable, taking an army often to bring one down. Muspellheim is where the Fire Giants live. Their city surrounds an active volcano and it is said that they have found a way to manipulate the heat to create incredible items. The Muspellheim Giants are responsible for killing many of the dragons that once inhabited the area. The dragons soon fled further south and are only rarely seen.
The Alfs are known to be a beautiful people and are experts on healing and nature magic. They are do little fighting as they see little reason too, however it is said that Alfs are the souls of dead humans that have ascended to the rank and therefore, have the similar personalities and traits although ageless. They live in Alfheim, a mystical city of light that surrounds Drasil. Drasil is so massive that some believe that the roots travel all over the world.
Extra: The kraken, giants squids, roam the deepest parts of the seas though they often appear for food on the surface.
Storyline so far: A Magi, renowned for his ambition, sought a means to enhance his magic. Man has no inherent magical ability, all magic was gifted to them and is used through runes and incantations. Therefore, he has travelled the world to seek power. However rumors have come to the ears of the Magicians that he is returning, and that he has found a way to gain the power he so desires.

The End

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