I kissed her forehead, "in darkness we are wont of light, and when light does not come, light a fire and hear it roar and it will roar 'Melethorn' so that your heart will be bright..."

"What about you?" she asked.

"My heart is never in darkness, for you are always in it," with that I rode off towards the edge of the forest.

A figure dropped from the canopy, landing in front of me.

"Curses I shall never leave this forrest!"

"That is no way to greet a friend," a sly voice said. Her hair was long and plaitted and her eyes a deep emerald green. Her ears were sharp and her skin a dark shade of green. Slung across her elbow was a bow made of wood and resembled the horns of a stag.

"Serenity," I called in happiness, and she whistled. From the trees came a stag which she mounted, riding next to me, "I could use a huntress such as yourself," I smiled.

"And Lilayth, did she not come?" she saw the pain in my eyes and averted her gaze, "maybe next time."

But my thought drifted to her question... would we all die in the end? how could I tell her the vision I had had at birth and that had troubled me ever since?

In flames and brimstone
The earth shall be delivered unto the ceaseless tides of chaos.
Long suffering nature shall tear herself asunder
And the maelstrom of wind which will bring forth thunder.
Light will succumb to impenetrable, irresistable darkness.
There will be war, famine, plague and despair
And a wave of doom larger than any conceived by the King of the Seas, to overcome all lands.
All shall renounce the names of their Gods, and even the ageless and the Ancients shall diminish and die at the sound of sand in the glass.
In hail and the devouring of the sun, the mood shall claim victory, but the cunning prince of the night shall be succeeded by the falling of stars.
And in a flash of light there is only darkness
And waiting...
Waiting for a new paradise to be born.

The images haunted me but I shook them off.

"So where were you then Melethorn?" she asked.

"You remember when I told you in the distance I could see a glinting from from the WestLands, well I finally got around to it... I hired a strong crew to get me past the Treacherous Sea and after a week we reached the shore of West Land. I left the crew there and with my Stag journeyed through terrible marshland full of demons that kept to the shadows, watching, and once or twice nearly fell pray to Will o' Wisps and giant Wasps. Eventually I happened to come across the strange light from across a gorge.

"And what a sight to behold... upon an acropolis that towered above even the human capital stood a mighty Temple with a golden roof and several golden statues depicting Gods. I should have known who the Gods were but I was so struck with awe and wonder that their resemblance was lost on me. I cast a spell and found a secret invisible bridge which I crossed, amazing magic I do declare and a test of trust and bravery if ever I saw one.

"Once across however I entered the mighty Temple. It was of simple furnishings, seats looking up at a large altar with beautiful painted pictures lining every centimetre of wall and stained glass windows that beamed fragments of multi-coloured lights upon the marble floor. But most astonishing were several statues of the same Gods that were off their plinths.

"Out of curiosity I heaved one of the large statues onto a plinth and found that the plinth sank into the floor like some mechanical device... most intrigued I stood on the next one and found it wouldn't sink, then I placed a statue on it and it did... I was most perturbed at this strange magic but thought that the only way to see their effects were to place them all on.

"And so I did, and nothing happened for a while which I spent meditating on these event. However part of one wall then sank into the floor revealing a large cavern. I descended into it... most damp and narrow it was, that I could not breathe, but I continued. Eventually I met my dreams, the largest library you ever did see!"

"I can imagine your excitement, even bigger than the Great Library of Elysium?" she laughed heartily as we carried on through the rest of the forrest.

"Yes, much bigger! oh I was excited I shall tell you, and of course I sat to read immediately on mahogony desks looking at parchment after parchment. It appeared to be logs of events of the area for thousands of years and in a spark of inspiration, I looked up the latest log which is to say many hundred years old and found out that the statues are links to the gods, that if all should be placed on the plinths then they shall be awakened. But the names were recorded and I found that they were the ancients. And it occured to me that they were the same but with small differances, such as Asaré held instead of dual swords a large hammer.

"Then on the last page I found out about the awakening of the Rouenens, demons I had only heard of in whispered conversation in the darkest of taverns. Of course I had to look them up to find out more and I found where there base was, but when I set off to find them, I found that there number and location had expanded exponentially, and after many years of study of their movements and the manuscripts, I determined the nature of their being. To kill and only to kill," I finished as we left the comfort of the forrest.

The End

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