Lilayth: Why Do You Leave?Mature

   "Now....," he sighed, proceeding to ask me again. "What do you want?"

    I looked to the ground, humiliated. "Why do you leave?" I asked quietly, hurt that he was to leave without saying good-bye. I glanced back up at him, "Where are you going? Back to the Deep West?"

    Melethorn regarded me thoughtfully, yet his eyes seemed tired and worn. "I cannot tell you these least now. You are too young."

    "Too young," I murmured, echoing his words as I looked off to a nearby tree. I wryly smiled, "I believe I will always be too young in Eros' eyes."

     He was silent, giving a half smile, though his eyes were blank. What I could give to hear what he was thinking.  I continued, "How long will it be that you are gone?"

    "However long it takes," Melethorn said simply.

   "Not too long-we need you, if everything you say is true."  I replied. I need you.

    There was a pause of silence, a bird singing a little ways off on the branch of a nearby tree.  "I must go now," Melethorn said suddenly, mounting his stag. "I have spared as much time as I could. You need to return to Willowin and Eros, and rest."

   "Wait!" I pleaded, and he turned to look at me, waiting. I shifted under his emerald gaze, continuing more softly. "What is going to happen? To the Elysium? Will we all....will we all die in the end?"

   His eyes softened, somber and exhausted, "I am not sure."  We were quiet for a moment. Melethorn repeated, "I must go. Farewell, for now, Lilayth."

    "Good-bye.....," I murmured. "....I will miss you." 






The End

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