Lilayth: War CouncilMature

   Melethorn explained, "...there is little to it,  to survive you must fight together-,"

  "It is ridiculous! We do not need the humans, if they enter Willowin they stand no chance of survival. We are the forrest. The forrest will not let us down," I argued. A few of the councilmembers nodded in agreement. Eros had told me his opinion on this issue and I agreed with much of it. I didn't say anymore, my head beginning to hurt from my own voice.

  Melethorn's eyes hardened, but at the same time he addressed me so sweetly and pleasantly,  "My dear, sweet Lilayth, they will burn the forrest down before they challenge you to a fight. These are not enemies that will fight fairly, they will do all they I believe this is settled, there is no other way-,"

   "-on the contrary, the meeting has only just started-," the chief interrupted standing from his seat.

  "I must insist you allow me to speak!" Melethorn's thunderous roar shook the house, a few leaves falling from the branches. I shrunk back, frightened by his outburst, my ears ringing from the great noise.  "The Magi's are just humans who hold a grudge, but there are much fouler things afoot, gathering power in the Deep West."  The image of demonic peoples played before us, fighting and whipping slaves. The sight made me cringe, wanting to close my eyes. But I couldn't look away.  From deep and strange caves, came an army of unnumbered demons.  "This is the land of Rouen, far, far to the west....our battling stirs their blood lust, they're finding powers in terrible places that puts my power to shame.  We must defeat the Magi so they can see the threat that approaches!"

    "How do you know of this, Sorcerer!" demanded my uncle, the Chief.

    Melethorn replied gravely, content that he had caught our attention, "I have been watching them, studying them, waiting to see what they would do." So that is where you have been, I thought to myself, glancing at his somber face.

    "And what makes you think the Magi won't join these demons? What makes you think if they win, or even us, they won't strike a deal?" the Chief inquired thoughtfully.

     "A few simple reasons. The Rouenens do not bargain with anyone-they will only kill. Also, the Magi are too proud to work for anybody, especially not the people who could pose a threat,"  Melethorn explained further. "Now, last time the Rouenenes where in this land, it took the Gods to defeat them. Their numbers are limitless, the power they can weild is immese and their only one thing that dominates their mind. Mindless destruction and devastation."

     Chief Ghalan stared at him grimly. "Then we have little choice...."

     We were all silent for a moment, and I was tired, swaying a little bit on my barefeet as I felt as if my head was floating up in the sky. I tried to focus on my own thoughts, ignoring how weak I felt. This situation was worse than Eros ever explained to me. He did not know. No one knew. Except for Melethorn.  

    I looked around the room, at all the melancholy faces. I instantly began studying the human man, who I had seen so long ago. He was barely recognizable to me, his face completly healed and years older....excluding his one, long scar on his face. The one thing I couldn't heal completely, my youth getting in the way of mending the deep scratch. I was still young, but I could probably heal it now....

    I averted my eyes as the human looked back at me, heat rising into my cheeks from getting caught staring at him. He still carried the bow I had given him, the bow that had once been mine, made from a sacred branch of Willowin that had been my father's as well. I had given it to him when he was weak and defenseless, to guard himself.  What was his name.....Alexander. What an unusual name-I had never heard anything like it.

     "Lilayth....Lilayth?" Melethorn's voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned abruptly towards him, and suddenly my vision began to spin. I forgot I was still recovering from yesterday's battle and the immense power I had used to defeat the golden Harpie. I had never used such power in my life other than when I had healed the human Alexander.....  "Are you alright? You do not look well...," Melethorn's voice seemed very far away.

    I mildly said I was fine,  avoiding the colored lights flashing in front of my eyes. Did anyone else see those, or was that just me?

    "Oh, she has....," I didn't hear the rest of what Ghalan said, only knowing a few moments later someone had taken me by the arm and started leading me away. Was it Melethorn?  I tried focusing on placing my feet on the ground, but then I could feel them anymore.

     Not again. Please, not in front of all these.... I thought, my vision going black as I felt the sensation of falling.






The End

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