Melethorn: CouncilMature

"It is a simple matter, the only way for all three races to survive is to battle as one, not as three, despite the odds, you can do this-"

"-you?" the Chief said curiously.

"Indeed, you, for I have other matters to attend to, and the longer we spend debating the more urgent it shall become," I said, "there is little to it, to survive you must fight together-"

"-it is ridiculous, we do not need the humans, if they enter Willowin they stand no chance of survival, we are the forest, the forest will no let us down," Lilayth argued.

"My dear sweet Lilayth, they will burn the forest down before they challenge you to a fight, these are not enemies that will fight fairly, they will do all they can... now I believe this is settled, there is no other way-"

"-on the contrary the meeting has only just started-"

"-I must insist you allow me to speak!" I roared, the house rattled slightly, "the Magi are merely humans that hold a grudge, but there are much fouler things afoot, gathering power in the Deep West," images played before us, glimmers of light and shadow that flitted in the air... they showed a land of demonic looking peoples, whipping slaves and brutally fighting each other. From the depths of the earth, streaming from caves in the mountains came a horde, an army of innumerable size, "this is the land of Rouen, far, far to the west... our battling stirs their blood lust, they are finding power in terrible places that puts my powers to shame. We must defeat the Magi so that they can see the threat that approaches!"

"How do you know of this Sorcerer!" the Chief exclaimed, it was clear he was terrified.

"I have been watching them, studying them, waiting to see what they would do," I replied.

"And what makes you think that the Magi wont join these demons, what makes you think that if they win, or even us, they wont strike up a deal?"

"A few simple reasons. The Rouenens do not bargain with anyone, they will only kill. Also the Magi are too proud to work for anybody, especially not people who could pose a threat," I explained, "now... last time the Rouenens where in this land, it took the Gods to defeat them. Their numbers are limitless, the power they can wield is immense and their is only one thing that dominates their mind. Mindless destruction and devastation."

The chief stared at me gravely.

"Then we have little choice..."

The End

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