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My presence seemed to cause quite a stir within the realm. As soon as I entered the forest I saw shadows flitting in the sky and several bird calls as well as a blow from a rams horn. Then I saw some Dryads watching me closely, framed against the deep greens with staffs and bows.

I had to walk past an ancient city, I could tell it was ancient because it's buildings were on the ground, the early man influence on the race.

Here I was met by an elder who gave me some fruit and water and sent me on my way. After a long way I neared the great Willowin, fabled and talked about even in Cretian.

Immediately several guards jumped from the surrounding trees, a couple knocked bows and pointed them at me. Their leader approached me.

"Outlander, what is your business here?" he asked.

"I am Alexander Montague, an emissary for the Humans, King Theophilus, and Captain of his armies, I come to deliver a message to your chief," the Dryad regarded me.

"Matari human," I let out a breath i didn't know I'd stored up and followed him up the winding pathway of the Willow.

The journey was long and tough on my legs, yet the scenery took my breath away.

The sky was darkening as the sun moved behind the mountains casting long shadows. In the distance I could the the Watchtower, a human monument for telling the time, visible almost anywhere. The light shone through several sides of crystal, illuminating a number... 20.

There were several strange constructs bobbing around, balls of glowing light that floated in the air, "what are these?" I asked.

"They are Cedar Spheres, they are seeds from the glowing cedar tree, a beautiful and holy sight, they provide light for us in the darkness."

I poked one and it drifted off.

We finally reached a large building. It was a large hall with a throne at the end holding the Chief and several seats with all sorts of ante-chambers.

"Why have you brought this human into our midst?" he asked.

I held out a bow, once given to me by a Dryad, "I have been here before, my name is Alexander, you may remember me..."

"I do... hm so long ago... it was Lilayth that gave you this after she found and healed you..."

I nodded at the painful memories, "indeed, and now I come on this good faith to ask a favour of you from the king," I sighed at the stupidity of this, "once long ago we fought, then we fought again, but that time we fought together and now a new threat arises and we must work together once more to defeat it... this I believe, but the King wishes to take action now, to create an army of all three races and defeat the Magi before they can pick us off one by one. Strentgh in unity."

The Chief looked at me curiously and whispered something to a scribe, "I hear your words human, but this shall take much deliberation," he called in a servant boy, "Ashan, I wish to see Lilayth, no matter how much Eros refuses she will come, and then I want you to find my old friend Melethorn and the Warchief, these are urgent matters!" immediately the boy ran from the building.

It was a long wait but eventually, a young looking Dryad walked through with eyes that spoke he had been here longer than anyone in the room. He was dressed most curiously too in his strange leafy cloak and staff. Next to him walked a younger female Dryad with teal hair and eyes.

"Matari Dryads," I said respectfully.

The girl looked at me suspicously but the older one beamed brightly at me.

"Matari Alexander," he said, "Lilayth, this is the man who you saved, the human you said looked so very dashing," he teased. Lilayths cheeks burned and she hit the Dryad in the arm but smiled at me with recognition, "I am Melethorn, you will not know me, though I have many times visited Cretian."

"WHERE IS THE WARCHIEF!" the Chief roared.

"Erm... sir you sent the Warchief away a long time ago," the servant said.

"Oh," he looked a little surprise, "nevermind, let us begin," Ashan went to leave, catching Lilayths eye as he went, giving her a mischievous smile, "the human claims that in order for us to survive, we must band together and invade Magi land!" he boomed.

"Excellent idea-" Melethorn smiled.

"-that is ridiculous!" Lilayth shouted at the same time.

"Ah, superb, conflicting ideas," the Chief sighed and slumped in his chair, gesturing at Melethorn, "explain please why you think it is a good idea..."

The End

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