Rachel: ScoutingMature

Some new satyr camp? This doesnt look good, if we go along with the kings idea we are not going to get through that. I saw weak spot after weak spot, but then the satyrs filled them up until it was almost impossible to get in without bloodshed.

The camp must of been bigger than the lake and it was full of satyrs and other beasts. The harpies and even Magi. The camp had various layers and there was tents and gazebos everywhere. Smoke from fires filled the air.

It was going dark and the flames glows could still be seen, and you could still see satyrs just laughing and talking. There was training going on, warriors fighting each other and archers shooting at targets. There was harpies all over the mountains keeping watch out in the plains, to prevent anyone from sneaking through. The Magi even made barriers in places which must of been storage for food and weapons.

I was hidden in a tree, out of sight watching the camp. But eventually i heard footsteps going on at the bottom of my tree. There was a satyr patrol going underneathe me. I kept quiet and counted the amount of them. There seemed to only be about ten of them.

I jumped down and did a 360 slash, cutting anyone around me in half. It seemed to have worked but then more of them started coming, and more and more. What seemed to of just been a patrol has turned into an endless tide of creatures.

I ran away as they kept showing up, and even though they were chasing me more and more kept coming. I concentrated and i could see a magi summoning them. I turned back and slashed my way towards him, when he saw me he threw a fireball at me which i dodged. He pushed out his hand forcing wind to turn against me blasting me backwards.

He then got out his sword and embued it with fire. We fought for a while until he showed signs of fatigue then he raised his hand and vines started growing. They had razor sharp thorns and they lashed at me. I cut them down but they kept growing.

After that he summoned undead skeletons, they came out of the ground and surrounded me quickly, using a wide range of weapons. Axes and swords and hammers. When there was an opening to him i picked up an axe and threw it at him and it impaled him directly in the face. This made all the undead disappear and i walked back to the camp desperate to get my breath back.

The End

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