Sedar: DefenseMature

I looked down at our camp, larger than the lake and much deadlier than the things living in the black waters. The humans would certainly have a hard time getting through, but it wouldn't be impossible. I saw several weak spots that I could mention later to Argwyll; get him to fix that.

The mountain pass was safely blocked, it was narrow and our little "city" ran to the very bottom of the pass. Perfect. We also dominated the lake, so the humans would not beable to take us by lake. We were defended, and we had the route to Knoss blocked off, basically. I was satisfied.

I know I'm not exactly high up on the chain of command, but I could get word around skillfully, just by mentioning it to the right people.

The Satyrs were forming a good guard line. I jogged down the hill next to them, clasping my hands behind my back and surverying them.

For some reason, most Satyrs aren't all that fond of me. No one will tell me why, but I can guess it is because of my attitude. I have been warned to rein it in at times.

"Argwyll." I shouted.

He turned his head and looked at me with his beady little eyes. "What?"

"Your line of defense looks good." I nodded. "But you should move this one and that on back a little and face them more towards the left." I pointed at a couple of Satyrs.

Argwyll didn't say anything, but moved them back some. I smiled and walked away to one of the temporary buildings in which I rested. Dawn was still far off, and the torches burned brightly. It was time to rest before a busy day.

The Magi went from here to there, flitting about wherever they were needed. I chose to stay close to the King, making preparations and forcing a little influence here and there on stubborn people. Not many people knew why exactly I was here, for my job was to be a jack of all trades, of sorts.

I leaned back on the cot and laid my sword on the ground beside me. It was a good choice to catch a nap whever I could, because I knew tomorrow battle and defense plans along with preparations would all be made fervently, and most likely I would need to be in many places at once.

Until then, I would await my summons.

The End

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