Argwyll: Pushed BackMature

The humans came at a ridiculous time. We had to fall back as quickly as possible to prevent any more satyr casualties, and to prevent me from dying.

As we arrived at home camp (main camp) near the lake, we told the king of the humans advance, they were prepared for war and it wasnt a good sign. Our king Algos didnt take it too well...
"What!? This cannot happen, our alleigance with the Magi remains strong we must make sure those humans do not get to Knoss, round up all the satyrs and tell them to gather. The time to act is now." Algos had spoken and we must obey.

I gathered all the satyr to main camp, we had build an extension to it so all the satyr could fit, i could say it was bigger than the lake now, and it went in front of the mountain pass. So if the humans wanted to get to Knoss they'd have to get past us. The harpies were standing guard outside the camps by the mountains being lookouts and the Magi was doing whatever it is the Magi do.

All i can tell is those good guys are going to have trouble getting through us!

The End

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