Rachel MeadowsMature

It was dark, really dark. In the city of Athinia. We were outside the border of the forest, in our warcamp waiting for the newcomers. We were watching the warriors practice their fighting skills on each other, some were good some were bad.

I was sat on a weapons wagon, my sword impaled into the floor. Watching the sun as it rised into the glamorous now pink sky. I gazed with awe at its beauty, yet my attention was quickly averted when i heard the sound of a battlehorn. I took my sword out of the ground, it was nearly as big as me, and it took two hands to hold. I leaped onto my horse shouting the camp to get ready for a fight.

When the rest of the camp got on their horses we charged into the forest, hoping we werent going to be too late. The horse hoofs could be heard galloping on the floor, scooping up dirt and splooshing in puddles. Minutes later we saw an opening in the trees, at first the incoming light had shone through into our eyes. When the light had faded so we could see, we saw a massive battle going on.

Hordes of satyr against alot of centaurs and dryads. Regardless of the two races combined strength the satyrs seemed to be winning. As we got out of the trees our horses jumped over the battle camp fences and we cut down and satyr in the way. I jumped off my horse and it ran back into the forest where it would be safe.

Now the tides were turning, satyr numbers dropped swiftly, but we still suffered heavy losses regardless. My eyes caught what looked like a satyr warchief, as he had the darkest red skin, and seemed to be twice as big as any normal satyr. He was using a warhammer, obliterating anything that goes near it, friend or foe.

I ran up to him, and he swung at me, i managed to duck underneathe it and go under his legs and climb onto his back. I got onto his head, and stabbed my sword into his thick skull, blood splurted everywhere, but in the war you learn not to be squeemish.

I jump down off the head of the beast as it falls onto satyrs. In the middle of the battle i noticed a satyr with a staff, hurling fire at everyone. He only had one horn and half of another. I fight my way over to him, but when he laid eyes on me he fleed away. When the satyrs realised that this battle was lost they all ran away. The battle was won... for now.

We piled up all the dead bodies and burned them. After watching them burn, we turned the camp under centaur control. I went back into the forest to get my horse. As i found it, i saw a centaur woman and a dryad.

I got onto my horse, called my men and we went back to our campsite. 

The End

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