Aydon RythirMature

   I stood at the edge of the inky black lake, the starry night sky seemingly painted into it; a clear, perfect reflection. All the world around me was hushed, excluding a lonely frog croaking deep notes into the night. The cool water lapped onto the toes of my boots, the scene too calm for my head, boiling with anger. I kicked it, sending silvery droplets through the air and riples in the water, making the image of the sky waver in the lake. 

    She placed her gentle hand on my shoulder. I didn't jump, as I had expected her to come after me, though I hadn't heard her light, silent steps. I was almost angry that she did come out.  "I hate him too," she murmured. When I didn't respond, she sighed and continued, "I have always wondered why these forrests are dead and grey, and the water so dark. This miserable place has the oddest beauty."

    We were then both quiet as she stepped up beside me, her intense silvery eyes searching my own. "Will you come back in? Mother is....upset." she said even more softly.

    I turned to her, looking back at her pale, somber face, glowing in the moonlight. My sister. My beloved sister. I had known her all my life.  "Crissa....I am leaving. I can't stand it anymore. I must fight. We are refugees in this land which is not our own. I must fight to protect our rights as Magi and Man. To protect you, to protect Mother. Too, our step-father is...," I chuckled grimly. "...ready for me to leave."

    Her eyes chilled as she looked back over the lake. "It is not fair," she muttered after a break of eery silence.  

    I knew what she meant. She wanted to fight, for the same reasons I did. It pained me to see her yearn for something that could injure or kill her in the end. "Crissa...it is something you cannot do. I must do it to keep you safe. Please stop thinking of these things. I am leaving....soon."

     She looked at me, tears in her eyes. They hardened as she hid the tears away behind her eyes.

     "Please look after Mother." I said quietly.

     Crissa nodded curtly, tucking a piece of her raven hair behind her ear.  "You are leaving then....and I shall stay."

     I smiled faintly, and then we looked up to the sky, watching a star fall, leaving a silver streak across the night.   


The End

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