Lilayth: To KillMature

   There he stood, a cornered beast. About twenty centaurs stood around us, their arrows and spears pointed at him. He could've fled into the sky. He could've surrendered. He attacked.

    He charged to the centaurs, throwing his spear with the most accurate aim. I hurried to gather my bows and arrows, thrown across the ground from his original attack on me. He killed a centaur and then another with amazing quickness. Arrows flew from everywhere, and several centaurs charged on him. I ducked out of the way as I placed an arrow on my bow.  In the turbulence of battle I was knocked aside by a centaur galloping over to challenge the powerful golden Harpie.  Standing, I hurridely shot the arrow into the Harpie's wing, but it barely bothered him. He continued to fight. Only a few centaurs were left now, dead bodies lay all about the Harpie in a bloody mound.

     A woman centaur shot an arrow right into the Harpie's stomach. He began to sway, dropping to his knees. He had lost plenty of blood already from all the shots fired at him.  Looking at all the centaur bodies, fury built inside me. They had come to save me and it cost them their life. I could feel the energy and power pulsing through my veins as I lifted my dagger, vines starting to tangle his wings. He cried out, but he had no will left to even attempt to escape. I raised the dagger higher and stabbed him in the heart.

     The vines dropped him to the ground as I realised the power,  stumbling backwards. My head was hazy and I couldn't feel my feet. I collasped, fainting from exhaustion from exerting so much energy.  As my vision blurred, I could make out the hooves of a centaur-the last centaur left standing, the woman centaur-walking over to me.

The End

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