Hawkrigg: Pride Comes Before a FallMature

I heard footsteps, many footsteps.

Within seconds i was surrounded by centaurs, with a knife in my side. I removed the knife from my side and i was being watched as i had my spear by the dryads neck. I counted, there was atleast 20 centaur. I should run.

My pride got the best of me. I made a pact, that i would die for the cause and that would be an acceptable fate.

I threw my spear into a centaur, ran over and ripped it out of his chest. A centaur shot at me with his bow, i dodged and it went into a centaur behind me. I jumped towards another, slitting his throat. I threw my spear again, on the other side of the circle of centaurs, then whipped out my bow.

I shot two arrows at once and killed two centaur. I got an arrow into my wing, yet i still continued to fight. I yanked my spear out of the centaur i killed moments ago. I cut down a few more. I was doing too good, for me anyway. Until i got an arrow in the stomach. My view became hazed and i couldnt stand up on my feet right. As i killed the remaining centaur, i dropped onto my knees.

The dryad came up to me, with her dagger in her hand.

She raised her hand into the air, vines came from the ground entangling my wings and lifting me up into the air. Thorns grew out of the vines peircing my skin. I screeched in pain. I felt as if the vines were pulling me apart and at that point she got her dagger and stabbed me in the heart.

The End

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