Lilayth: HelpMature

  I ran, my only thoughts of running.  I knew these woods like my own hands yet I felt as if I was lost in them.  I could hear the beating of the Harpie's wings behind me, and all I did was run.  Run with all the life left in me.  But in the back of my mind I knew that Harpie wings were faster than any legs born in Elysium. I needed help. But I was alone...with the Harpie close behind me.

   In an instant, the Harpie had a hold of me, like I was a little rabbit, and had me pinned to the ground, holding his spear, stained with other's blood, above my chest. The breath was knocked out of me in the sudden fall, so I was frozen, preparing for my death.  My heart was pounding in my head. Make it quick, I kept repeating to myself.  Please, make it quick.

    He raised his spear for the kill, but he paused, cocking his head to listen.

    I heard it too.  Centaurs. And not just one.

    For a moment, hope fluttered inside me.  Help! They were going to help me!

    I racked my mind, knowing what I had to do.  Acting quick, I snatched the dagger from my belt and reached to stab him. The Harpie realized what I was about to do, but hadn't the time to react. In my rush of adreniline, I got him in the shoulder instead of hitting him in the chest.

    It was enough to shock him, enough for him to stumble back off of me so that I could riggle my way out from beneath him. He looked at me with fierce rage, yanking out the dagger and tossing it aside as if I simply hit him with a twig instead. His golden wings shone brilliantly as I have never seen before, a glorious sheen not even the silver Harpie before could match.

      The centaurs surrounded us now.  



The End

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