This is one of the bloodiest fights I've been in, centaurs and dryads fall all around me. I know, from the stars and from what I see, each side will be greatly weakened after this battle.

Harpies are flying everywhere, swooping down and plucking the skin off of unfortunate victims. I narrow my eyes and lift my sword to the air. I make the air more stuffy where mostof the harpies are.

It's taking a lot out of me and I stop as soon as the harpies get low enough making them better targets. I lower my sword a little and charge towards where mostof the harpies are attacking.

I run, my four hooves crunching on the bloody floor. I jump up, holding my sword blade up. Fire around the blade. I swing it in the air, it slices up many harpies into pieces. I land on the ground and shake off the bits of harpies off of me.

I can hear a scream, I turn and run towards it. A dryad needs help and I'm gonna make sure that dryad's going to get it. After this battle, we're going to need all the dryads we can get. I signal to Windswept, he finishes off a Satyr. He blows his horn, knowing we're going to need more help.

I run past him, heading for the forest.

The End

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