Hawkrigg: CowardsMature

Silverbeak, let out a loud screech, which got my attention quite easily. He was known for his ear peircing screeches. He started flying into the forest, i didnt know why at first until i saw the branches move. I went into the forest after him.

There was two Dryads running through the trees with us in quick pursuit. I got out my bow, then one of them turned back, her violet eyes meeting mine. I could see fear in her eyes. I got out my bow, and shot her in the leg. She screamed in pain before falling onto the floor, grasping her leg. Silverbeak leaped onto her and the rest i didnt see as i had flew past him.

Now theres just one, who had teal coloured hair. She started to climb trees, and jump about. Nothing i couldnt keep up with, she didnt seem to be that good, shes acting as if shes never been in a fight before. I decide id mess about with her, as she is already scared but it is rather fun to rub it in.

I flew in front of her, making her swiftly change direction. I did this a few times, until she smacked me out of the way. I went into a tree, and she continued to run through the forest. Right then, no more games, im going to finish this.

I jumped back up, and flew straight into the air, and flew above her. At a point i deemed right i swooped down. Landing directly onto her and i took out my spear and went for the kill...

The End

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