I hid in the branches of the tree, my heart leaping about in my chest, as if it was going to escape. I could hear the enemies' screams, and the clash of weapons as they fought with my own kin and the ally centaurs. My hands shook as I knocked an arrow on my bow. Theldia looked me in the eye from her nearby seat in another branch, a fierce excitment in her own bright violet eyes. She grinned, giving me a confident nod before scrambling further up the tree like a squirrel. I breathed in deeply, carefully making my way to the top of the large tree.

   It was my first battle.

   The sky opened up as I peered my head above the thick umbrella of emerald leaves, several Harpies circling like great hawks hunting for their prey. Theldia already had her eye set on a montrous one with great wings of inky black. With one smooth motion, her arrow was whistling threw the air, catching itself in the enemy's chest, the Harpie shrieking hideously, hurling through the air, it's limp body catching in the tree.  She laughed victoriously,  the pride of her first kill etched on her face as she looked at me. I smiled weakly back at her.

   I looked around, watching both the air and the ground. A beautiful chestnut centaur fell, its crimpson blood staining the ground. I turned my gaze away from the sickening sight.  

    Another large Harpie entered the sky, his silver grey wings sparkling valiantly in the light. He looked about frantically, but then he spotted his fellow Harpie, tangled in the branches of a nearby tree. He let out a horrific bellow of agony, circling with extraordinary zeal. As Theldia slid another arrow into place, the furious Harpie saw us.

    He was coming after us.


The End

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