Hawkrigg: No RestMature

As i wished my brother a safe journey and said goodbye, i went back to my post. The Great One doesnt like it when im late, he walks the streets looking at where everyone should be.

I flew out to my guard tower, facing the great willowin. My eyes noticing everything they are doing. Ive never seen them prepare for war before. I looked around, hand on my eyebrow so i could see past the sunlight. Looking throughout the forest borders. I noticed that satyr again, the one who snuck a shot at that centaur. He was shot at by an arrow, which missed. Then i saw centaurs charge out from the forest, in over whelming numbers. The woman being part of them.

Shortly afterwards the dryads joined them, bombarding them with arrows. They got out their swords and charged forwards. They satyrs wasnt going to last long, even though Argwyll lit the signal fire.

The great one just so happened at this point, walk up to my post. I kneel before him.
"My lord, could i go help the satyrs, they are in trouble again" i asked
"Do as you wish, anything that will speed up the war" he replied, with nobility in his voice.

I flew up and around, looking for my men and pulling them out to help the satyrs. When i had all of them we went out to the satyr camp to aid them as quick as possible. With our inhuman speed we got there quite quickly, and was soon in the fight with them. We firstly showered arrows of death upon them, before switching to our melee weapons and charging in.

The End

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