Falcon SpeartalonMature

I shifted a little. Man I love being in trees but the twigs really get up your butt.

Ow! Ouch!

I lashed out with my wings, snapping the branch, landing carefully on the one above.

I stared out around me. With my sight I could see movement everywhere in the distance. Harpies where flitting around, battling, attacking, maiming, munching. It all looked like so much fun... but this wasn't my job.

I could see the Great Willowin in the distance, I glimpsed the Dryads dancing around, busy preparing their staffs and bows.

I could even see Mt. Parnas. And in the opposite direction? home.

Neither of these was where my job was. I just needed to steel myself up to do it.

 I had to do something drastic, something that would clinch this war.

There was a thump beside me.

"Morning brother," I turned around and saluted, "come to wish me luck?" he looked strong and radiant with his golden plumage. There was a bow strapped to his back and a spear in one hand.

"I came to wish you wouldn't do this, that you would join me in the war and fight."

"The Great One knows what he is doing, he knows only a Harpie is capable of this and he has chosen me to do it. I will not fail you brother... when I get it, we can be rid of this foolish war and live our lives again," he was silent, "come now Hawkrigg, you will not let me leave without wishing me luck now will you?"

He sighed and saluted.

With that I took off and glided for a while, the familiar winds in my feathers.

I would not be feeling these winds for a while, not where I was going. But my words were true. If I succeeded, we would be victorious.

The End

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