Argwyll: I Knew It!Mature

It was morning, as i woke up i awoke to the sound of the camp warchief. He assigned me to an easy post as he knew that i had been in battle. So he put me in the guard tower watching the forests.

Within minutes i could see movements, but i couldnt tell what it was. I got my bow at the ready.

Then an arrow came out of nowhere and just missed the top of my head. Then after that loads of centaurs came charging out of the forests, and i mean loads. Like a flood they charged down the small hill going towards our camp. I ignited my arrow and quickly lit the emergency signal. Hopefully aid will come soon.

I got out my staff, and jumped off the tower, and slammed it onto the ground, emitting a massive shockwave of flames that burnt any centaur close to me. I used my staff as a weapon which wasnt that effective but it did keep them off me for a while.

I then shot spouts of flame from my staff, using it like a flame thrower. A centaur came from behind me and kicked me in the back. It caused me to be abit disoriented but i snapped back into it.

I noticed many satyr approaching our location. These centaur will regret retaliation. I turned around and in the midst of the battle i noticed that woman again. But i ignored her and shot fireballs at random centaur stupid enough to want to get close. But then i saw dryads emerge from the forest, armed to the teeth with bows, they all shot in the air rain arrows down upon us.

I used as much power as i had to shield my fellow brothers, but it didnt save them all. The dryads had then gotten swords and axes out and charged towards us. This is going to be a bloodbath.

The End

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