Lord Alexander MontagueMature

Light streamed through the archway, bleaching my lids red. I placed my hand over my eyes and opened them. I moved my hand, looking around at my room. It was simply furnished. I got out from the covers, clutching my chest from the pain. From habit my fingers traced the scar.

I sighed and walked through the archway leading to a balcony.

The sun was slowly rising, showering the great city of Helos with a soft orange light. Slowly the marble pathway descended down in a straight line through the city, cleaving it in two and at the botton, the harbour walls and crystal water held a bustling trade life. Next to my abode stood the Temple, the largest building in the city surrounded by pillars and steps.

I slipped on a tunic and touched the shoulder of my wife. Her gentle eyelids fluttered open. She smiled up under her large lashes, her mahogany curls dropping onto the bed as she grabbed my neck to kiss me.

"Don't go," she pleaded.

"You know I don't have a choice, the King calls for me," just a year ago I had battled a Magi who had summoned a dragon. I had defeated him... at a cost. It was only thanks to a wandering Dryad that I had been healed and allowed to live, to return to my wife. But with my improving health, I had been placed on several patrols to build up my strength and skills once more and now... now the King wanted to place me on the front line again, "I am close to the King, I may be able to stay a few more weeks, but I cannot put it off forever, he grows impatient for my return to commandeer the front line."

She bowed her head, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me down onto the bed. She kissed me passionately but I pulled away, "I have to go my dear Helen, I shall return."

I threw on my cloak and left the house, walking down the path with my sword slung on my shoulder  along with my special bow, my breastplate on my chest and greaves on my legs and a horsehair helmet under my arm.

"Get her ready!" I called to the harbour and stepped onto my ship. I sighed as I looked down the Agean River, ready to go to the Capital and so, ready to join the war.

The End

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