Hawkrigg: All FinishedMature

Whilst fighting the woman i noticed a satyr sneak in a sly shot at a centaur, and also shoot a fireball at the girl i was fighting. She screamed whilst still in full focus on me. She eventually headbutted me, which sent me back a little. Not only that but after that she turned around to notice her friend on the floor. I knew they were friends because immediatly after seeing him she ran as fast as she could towards him, blew this horn really loud and then took his body elsewhere.

Shortly after the satyrs came back in colossal numbers, this made me laugh. We quickly dispatched of the remaining centaur and we bid eachother farewell, and i flew off back to Icathar.

On the way back i encountered no resistance, which was odd, when anyone around these parts see a bird they shoot it hoping its a rare bird, but then the harpy just kills them later anyway.

Atleast i thought i would be attacked. I saw a human patrol, in front was a man, he was tall and had long messy blonde hair with stormy blue eyes. Now i would attack them, but me and my men are fatigued enough from that battle. We left it and just flew over them, the man with the blonde hair just watched me as i flew past. We made eye contact, i could tell he didnt like me already.

As we got back to Icathar it was really dark, but the sun was starting to come up, noone was in the streets so it was a lonely walk back to my house near the top of the tallest mountain.

As i got into my nest, i looked out into the stars and admired the view, before drifting off into a nice warm slumber.

The End

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