Wahya : Not You Too!Mature

The golden harpie is close to me now. I headbutt it, sending it flying. "Windswept! Windswept! Blow the horn again! I yell, my eyes searching for my late brothers best friend.

My eyes widen to the centaur on the ground. No! I gallop over there."Windswept!" My voice is filled half with joy thatI know where he is and the rest full of fear. I kneel down and listen. He's still breathing but I know he's dieing. I put a protective layer over the arrow wound and pick up the horn.

I put it to my lips and soon it is calling out. It's so loud, even the humans will here it.I hope they come, there's more of them and we need help. I blow it again to make sure and then tie it to my hair.

I use the wind to help put Windswept on my back. I gallop off quickly. I have to get to the dryads soon. I run as fast as I can until I get to their part of the forest. If I was on my own I would get there in no time but I've got to carry a fully grown centaur on my back.

I used the elements to help me along. When I get to their part I collapse. They come running out to help me, making sure I'm okay. "I'm fine! Windswept isn't. He was shot. Help him!" I say tiredly. They all take him off my back.

"Who put this protection over him? Another dryad?" Says a young looking but wise dryad. I shake my head. "No. Dryad, I did." I pant. She looks up at me shocked. "I've not seen any centaur do anything like that. But I have heared about the centaurs of old being able to. You are blessed with a strong gift." I blush at the dryads words.

She turn back to Windswept and starts to get to work with the help of the other dryads. I can hear a battle going on and I am longing to go help but I'm not going to. I am Wahya  Nektosha and I am loyal to my friends! I will stay until he is fully healed.

The End

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