Argwyll Flamehoof: DistractionsMature

Ow! My head. I wake up, without making it look like ive not woken up yet. I see flames, smoke and i hear harpy screams, looks like we have help. Everyone seems to be distracted at the moment. I release all i could before this man centaur saw me. I got out my bow and shot him in the chest, it didnt kill him but it sure swept him off his feet.

The woman hasnt seemed to have noticed yet, with all this noise going on and the forest burning it was all too distracting. Whilst the harpies had their full attention i took my men out of the village back to our home camp.

Before i leave however, i hurl a fireball at the girl centaur, i just heard her scream without taking her attention off of this golden harpy. He seemed to be putting up a good fight, but you could see struggle in both of their eyes.

When we got back to the camp. I alerted all the others, with an assault like this, the centaur wernt just going to let it go. They will most likley retaliate with deadly force. So i gathered all my kinsmen and warned them of the coming threat that may happen. I emphasised the word may.

I couldnt just sleep, i could still hear the sound of clashing steel and the odd scream of a harpy or centaur, but then i could hear it. The centaurs reinforcements came back.

We couldnt allow this. I went over to the signals and i lit it, telling the other tribes that i needed help. within minutes many of my brethren had come. It was army standard.

We all waited for the right moment, then we charged in. The overwhelming force of us, not only that but i noticed that the woman wasnt there, and the centaur that i shot was gone. It didnt matter, we should finish off the remaining centaur and get out of here. 

The End

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