We Need HelpMature

Harpie war screams fill the air and suddenly they are all around us, arrows ready.

"Fire!" One of them yells. He's got golden feathers and a white chest. Arrows come flying throught the air, hitting some of my brothers. My vision is going red.I hold my hands to the sky, froming a dome of fire.

Some ofthe arrows burn toashes but many have hitmybrothers. "Windswept, signalthe tothers!" I order him and he pulls out a wooden horn. He blows it, causing a loud sound, many Harpies put their feathers over their heads to block out the defening horn.

I move my hands, forming my element sword once again. The fire dome shatters, only leaving a circle of ash around us. The golden Harpies eyes widen. "A women centaur fighting?" He whispers. I narrow my brown eyes at him.

I take advantage of his shock and run forward, my sword ready to slaughter him. My brothers left alive knock out their prisoners and join me. The leader Harpie holds out his spear, ready.

I scream out my war cry and attack. They elements all combinding around me, ready for my controlling. I lash out but the Harpie blocks my attack with his sword. I narrow my brown eyes and flick my black hair away from my face.

This is going to be tough but at least help is on its way. I control the tree roots, trying to grab the Harpiebut he just flies up and lashes at me. I throw jets ofwater at him, but he dogdes. I growl and make the wind kick up.

Wind centaurs start to fly around the sky, I'm controlling them, waiting to attack. I look out at the corner of my eye and see my brothers weakening. I send the wind centaurs at their attackers, giving my brothers an advantage but I know it'snot good. We need help. Oh spirits of the sky, help us beat this evil!

The End

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