Hawkrigg: RescueMature

It was night time, i had fully rested from this mornings... little scratch. As i go out onto my balcony i notice flames, large flames. The centaurs dont burn trees...

"Falcon, come with me, theres trouble brewing" I ordered
Falcon said nothing and followed me with about thirty harpie soldiers. We run down the centre of town and leaping of the edge of the mountain. Heading towards the smoke that was in the distance.

I get my bow for this job as it would be alot safer to do. But i also brought my spear incase i ran out of arrows or something along those lines.

We were flying over the Scytherian plains noticing the incredibly large amount of Satyr camps all over the place. There must've been about fifty, and were not counting the multiple ones around the lake. As we get to the border, we land outside the forest and ask whats going on.

"We tried to get them back, to avenge our brethren, but centaur reinforcements came, we had to get out there as quick as possible" explained a satyr "They have prisoners"

I scowl at the thought and take back to the skies, i then flew over the forest until i noticed a gap in the trees revealing a village. The smoke had covered our prescence. We waiting for the very moment where noone was looking towards the smoke so we could get a few quick kills. I targetted one with a closest to the fires. That one seemed to have one pinned against the floor, but the one its stood on seems to be out cold.

Wait for it... wait for it... "Now!" i shout, and we swooped down into the village, through the smoke catching them completly by surprise.

The End

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