Wahya: Payback!Mature

Me and the rest of the battle centaurs are running to aid are fellow kind in Oakridge. We gallop as fast as we can, dogding the fire. Some of my kind pull back to use their magic to put them out.

Adrenaline is pumping through my viens, I've never felt so alive! I'm leading the centaurs onwards. We are soon in Oakridge. All I see is fire and I know that the spirit world will be busy tonight.

I scream my unique cry, the howl of a wolf but a neigh of a horse. I kick my front legs and charge at the Satyrs. I bring the elements together and make a powerful sword.

I gallop forward, leading my brothers forward.I slice through as many Satyrs as I can. There's one with a horn on his head, he's the leader. I'm heading forhim, killing as many for his kind as he kills many of mine.

I gallop around him several times, he has no clue that I'm going to attack him. As I look, Ican see we are winning! Some of my brothers have even captured some. I smile, knowing what to do.

I jump into the air, using the wind to disarm the Satyr. I land on him, my hooves pressing down on his chest hard. More of my brothers are arriving. "Put out the fires and check on the citizens. Help as many as you can, but I fear it's too late."I order and they do what I say, bowing in respect.

I scowl down at the Satyr. "You shall pay for what you've done here. " I hiss down. He struggles to get free but he isn't going anywhere.

"What shall we do with these?" Windswept asks, his eyes blazing. He has a sword made of fire at his captured Satyrs throat. I look up at the stars."We shall keep the prisoners. They will be useful tous, the stars tell me." I tell Windswept, he nods.

"Ha! We shall be no use to you! No matter what the stars tell you, we will win and we will not stop until we..." I hit the Satyr that I've captured hard on the horn, knocking him out cold.

He's small and annoying, they all are! I'm going to make this little git pay! I'm going to make them all pay for every centaur life they have taken!

The End

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