Argwyll FlamehoofMature

"Shh" i whisper "They cant know we are here"

We were just outside the Centaur dominion, about to set foot into the forest, we were planning on invading Oakridge. This centaurvillage had resources, not just that, but they also had some of our fellow kinsman captive. By invading, I ment get in there, get our men out, then escaping without bloodshed, then maybe go back with a huge raiding party as payback.

I had my bow ready, with my staff ready on my back should i need to burn anything. I got an arrow ready, as i heard footsteps. It was Thunderclap. He was just like me, a shaman, apart from he controlled... you guessed it thunder.

"What are you doing here?" I asked
"I was captured, the others are dead" Thunderclap replied

This called for righteous vengence, they shall pay the price of their deaths... in blood.

As we got to our camp, which was borderlining from the forest of Tyllwych and a short north from the river Gerathyn, we rallied ourselves a little raiding party.

"Its time to avenge our fallen brothers, we mustnt let their deaths be in vien!" i yelled, and they cheered with me, it was night time now. The time for vengence is now, and there will not be a single centaur alive in that village. Cold hearted bastards!

"Charge" i shouted and we all ran into the forest, burning all the trees we went past until we finally came to a village, Oakridge. I saw a centaur, and i shot him right in the chest with my bow, he dropped like a fly.

I took out my staff and sprayed flames all over the houses, all i could hear was screaming, that lovely screaming noise of centaurs paying the price of killing my brethren. I saw one trying to run, but i shot him down with ease.

But then in the distance i could hear galloping, i look to my side and notice centaur reinforcements, there wasnt many, but unlike the others atleast these ones were armed. Is that a woman...?

The End

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