I'm looking up at the sky, reading the stars. I love doing this, my brother Fargallop, says I'm the best he's ever seen. He's always saying things like that. I smile as I hear the hooves of my fellow centaurs.

I look up at the stars agin and my smile quickly fades. "No. No. That can't be right." I mutter to myself as I re-read the stars again. No! Not him! I gallop as fast as my hooves will take me to the battle centaurs who just got back. My eyes scan all of them, their faces grim.

Where is he? "Where is he?" I ask my dear friend, Swishhoof. He looks at me, sadness in his eyes. "Wahya. He didn't make it." His voice is soft and honest but I refuse to believe him. I shake my head, flicking my wavey black hair everywhere. "No. He can't be. He promised." I push through all of them and still he is nowhere.

Tears are in my brown eyes. A hand goes on my back and I turn and hug, silver tears rolling down my face. Every centaur has different coloured tears, I don't really know why, no one does. "He can't be dead! He can't! He promised me he'll be right back! He promised me!" I sob into Windswept's shoulder.

He holds me tightly. "I'm sorry Wahya. The Harpies attacked us, he got stabbed. There was nothing anyone could of done." I look up at Windswept. He is so strong, inside and out. But I can see from his eyes that it's hurting him too.  

My brother was his friend. I've got to be strong now. I pull away and wipe my tears. I look around. "Fargallop, was a great centaur. A great brother and a great friend. He shall never be forgotten." My voice is braking a little but I hold my head up high. I raise my hands to the sky, the others copy me.

"Spirits of the sky, look after our brother. Show him the way to become the brightest star! Take him with you in your embrace. Let there be no more pain for him." I say, my head tilted up to the sky. 

I put my hands to the ground and close my eyes. The ground starts to move, making the lake ripple. Out of the water comes images of the centaurs of old and others that we have lost. They are all galloping around. They see Fargallop and greet him respectfully.

I take my hands away,the image goes. "Goodbye my brother. Let your wisdom and guidence live on in all of us and show us the way out of this everlasting war." I look around at the centaurs, all of them crying colourful tears. I nod to them and turn.

"Wahya Nektosha wait."I turn to see Windswept. I shake my head.

"Not tonight Windswept. I need to rest. I can't do any more magic, I'm tired." He nods and sighs.

"Goodnight Wahya." I nod at him. "

Goodnight Windswept."

I gallop off to my den, near the river. I let the tears flow down my face as I think about my brother.

I will avenge you Fargallop! I will! Until my spirit is with you, I will not let that Harpie get away with what it's done! I'm going to fight for you and I'm going to slaughter them like they slaughtered you! 

The End

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