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"Go, go, go!" I shouted to my squad of hunters, as we swooped down and took out whatever was edible off the ground. "Make sure you all get something, we've got alot of mouths to feed"

As we got whatever delicious wildlife we could find we set of back to the Teraph mountains back to the capital city of Icathar, its the same name as the province but we harpies dont really care. We got our homes, thats all that matters. As we were flying along over the Scytherian plains, one of my guys got hit by an arrow.

"Damn those Nymphs" I cursed "Okay guys, drop whatever your holding and lets go"
We all dropped the food and we went over to the Nymph hunters, they took multiple shots, some of my men got unlucky, but the rest of us knew that when an arrow is coming your way... you move.

I stick my talon in one of their faces and the nymph screamed in agony as i lifted it up into the air, as high as i could go without struggling and i dropped her. I then got out my spear, and dived down to the ground, landing on another hunter. I rolled behind one of them and stabbed them in the back, i then used her as a meat shield, and she actually made herself useful after being bombarded my multiple arrows.

By the time that they stopped i threw the body onto another one, stabbing through them, killing them both. The remaining 2 hunters ran away, i turned to my men telling them we could go home. Until he heard the sound of galloping. They brought some centaurs did they?

"Its not over yet" i said to my men, and then charge towards the centaurs. I jump, clashing spears with one, jumping over his head onto his back, stabbing him through the chest. Arrows came at me, i jump onto another centaur. Stabbing him at the back of the head. I throw my spear into a hunter and jump into the air, really high up. I then come down for the kill and finish off the final hunter. I take my spear out of the first hunter, and watch as the centaurs retreat back to their forest.

"Couldnt be any easier" i whispered, as i picked up as much dead animals as i can, and took them back to Icathar.

When i got back to Icathar, covered in blood and returning with less than half of my origional team. I guess we did turn a couple of heads.
"What happened here?" asked Falcon Fearglide
"We were attacked sir... were all thats left" i replied
"Take a break, we'll sound out the second team" Falcon said

So i went to my house, near the top of the mountain, and get some much needed rest.

The End

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