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In the world of Elysium, there are six races. Those being: Humans, Centaurs, Satyrs, Magi, Harpies and Dryads. Humans, Centaurs and Dryads on one side, Magi, Harpies and Satyrs on the other, for the conquest of Elysium. What side will you fight for?

The Land of Elysium is a land of great peril.

The realm of Cretian, the Human dominion, it is mainly villages and cities, built on the River Gerathyn. Without a single homless person on the streets the Human race are quite happy in this area, but nothing is perfect. There was a a cult of humans who called themselves the Magi. Their beliefs are not of the humans and they are against it, because they authorities banned Magi magic the Magi revolted, which lead to the deaths of many humans. Finally the Magi were cast out of the human dominion and the Magi ended up taking Knoss from the centaur, causing a hatred between those races. So now they plan of eradicating the entire human race and all who aid it. This war was only supposed to be between the humans and the Magi, but the Dryads and the Centaur came to their aid. The Magi were able to convince the Harpy and the Satyr races to join them, so now it is a complete battle field on the plains of Elysium. The Human race is known for their brilliance in forgery. Their armour and weaponry must be the best in the entire world of Elysium. But nothing comes without one weakness. With it being the very best, it is very burdening and they cant run in it. The river Agea is actually a tributary that runs into the River Gerathyn, the water for the tributary come from Mt. Parnas that runs into a waterfall known as Icarus Falls. the city of Helos is close to this waterfall. It is hot in this area therefore the surrounding hills are full of olive farms and fruits such as oranges and mangos even chilis etc. The only access to the city is the harbour which is opposite the Acropolis (the second largest in Cretian only to the Capital) The wall is built of reinforced marble but the Helos Navy is the strongest in the world

The realm of Knoss, the Magi dominion. A barren wasteland, with barely any vegitation. It has its own sparse wildlife, and it happens of have a lake, called lake Ulteryph coming from the Teraph mountains. The Magi are mainly cultists, they do not have large cities; mainly large camps and perhaps small towns. They are known for being summoners, they can spawn just about anything; from cave maggots to huge colossal dragons, but not even the most skilled Magi can control a dragon. Not only that but should they over use their magic, they become quite fatigued and that makes them easy to kill. Knoss itself being a barren wasteland, it is also a graveyard of culture. With there being destroyed temples and various other religious buldings. Also there are many scattered tombs and crypts, belonging to centaur leaders and people before the Magi took over Knoss. There is a dead forest around the lake, and in those forests are Magi villages, fishing and collecting the water for the population to drink.

Then theres the Harpies, in the dominion of Icathar. They reside in the Teraph mountains, they remain there untouchable. Although due to their alliegance to the Magi, they defend the mountain pass, as it is the only way into Knoss. So any hostiles who want to get to Knoss, have to survive a harpy attack first. Due to it being the mountains there isnt much plant life, but being birds of prey they are excellent hunters and the hunters of the tribe go out into the plains to hunt various animals for them to feed on. They drink from the mountain spring waters. Harpies are the most agile and are best fighting with spears. They are the only flying race. The only downside with them is that they are incredibly weak fighters if its face to face, they are good with ambushes and traps.

In the Satyr dominion of Scytherian, it is mainly huge plains, full of wildlife and vegetation. The Satyrs live in camps nearby water supplies such as Lake Griphyl. The Satyrs are of incredibly large numbers and their warriors are quite capable of almost all weaponry. Satyrs are also incredible hunters, and are expert trackers. They could hunt down a deer in no time and with such a huge population (which is constantly growing) they are doing well maintaining it. The Satyrs are known for being very rouge like, they are good with herbalism; they can make poisons and potions that can heal the most fatal wounds. The only flaw with Satyrs is that they are weak creatures, they can put up a fight. Just not a big one. There is a desert in the middle of the Scytherian plains, which seems to be a habitat for life of its own.

Then there is the Centaur race in the dominion of Thessalian. The Centaurs are part man, part horse. Incredibly agile and are very skilled hunters, specialising in bows and spears they hunt wildlife in the Tyllwych forest. They share the forest with the Nymphs who they have an allegiance with. They go to the river which is just outside the forest should they need any water. The bad part about centaurs is their size, they are the biggest race and are quite easily targetted. There is a lake within their part of the forest which is where they get their water supply from.

The Dryad dominion of Willowin. It is an epic willow tree where the branches are used to thatch homes with a constant shelter from rain that drips down the branches taking years therefore a constant supply of water. The dryads specialise in archery and use staffs for fighting with. They used to be humans but their constant proximity to nature and their Great Willow changed their skin to green and gave them a powerful affinity with nature which they can use to their advantage. They use bioluminescent plants as lighting. They have no currency as they use nature as food, also their education is taught to them by their parents who will lead them into the profession. Warriors and priests are taught in special schools on certain branches of the trees. At points there are stronger connections to nature where they have built shrines. They love music via flutes and dancing.

Let us see how the world of Elysium will fare, when all out war is waged, and the lives of all who live there is risked.

The layout of Elysium (Starting from the far west) is Cretian, it is quite an open plain with a river flowing through it. The capital human city is built on the river in the middle of Cretian. In order to get to Cretian you have to go through the Tyllwych forest, the forest is split in two, but not in a hostile way. The forest is shared by the Dryads and the Centaurs. The Dryads are in the Willowin dominion and the other half is in the Thessalian. Going through the forest brings you out to the Scytherian plains, this has the river flowing through it also, and it then joins the sea. Also there is a lake that comes from the Teraph mountains to the east of the Scytherian plains. The plains belong to the Satyrs, they have a large number of military camps dotted all around. There is also a desert in the middle of the Scytherian plains. Further east you go to Icathar, which is the Harpy main city hidden in the Teraph mountains. There is a mountain pass with whom the harpies dont really let anyone through. Through that mountain pass is then Knoss, the dominion of the Magi. Knoss is a huge barren wasteland which is surrounded by the Teraph mountains. They also have a lake provided by the mountain springs. In that barren wasteland, it has its own wildlife and plantlife of which the Magi use for their own use.

The End

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