Memories, Where'd you go?Mature

Lily stared at me, her eyes filled to the brim with pity, 'I know, hon. But think logically about this, you have a drummer. An ex-bassist -moi- and a singer, you.'

'That's fine, you come back, I'll learn guitar then bam.' I clapped my hands together to emphasise the "bam".

'What then? Learning guitar takes ages. How can we a band with a guitarist that can only play one chord at best?'

I looked at my feet, scuffing my school shoes on the concrete below the. She was right. We would never be a band again after Mickey'd left us... and me.

'Your right. Whatever. But I'm still learning guitar.' She gave me a sharp look, 'for a hobby.' I added for her benefit.

Lily smiled, opening the classroom door.

Why did you leave me Mickey? I mean, your mum would've let you stay, she gave you the choice; yet you still went to America with her.  Our old band, Decko, was amazing. Even at our young ages, we got a fair few gigs around Leeds and Bradford. I was the lead singer, Lily was our bassist, Mac played the drums and Mickey played the guitar. He was brilliant, his improvised-in-the-moment solo's still make my heart waver even in my memories. Mickey was also my boyfriend, we came up with the band idea in Year 9, and it all hit off from there.

But five months ago he left. for the U.S of A. We talked it over. Then  broke up. Most adults would say we had one of those teenage-fling relationships, first love and all that shit. But I really, really did like Mickey. 

I didn't even pay attention to a word the teacher said to us in geography. I didn't care if Jenny was throwing little bits of paper in my hair, I didn't care if Lily kept sending me texts, I didn't care that I was sat on the chair which had the most gum on in the whole school. 

But the thing I did care about was the boy that marched into the classroom.

'Oh, are you Freddie?' Mrs Cruise asked.

'Yeah.' He muttered. I stared at him, speechless. Tall, tan, hazel-eyed, crimson-red-dyed hair.

'Mickey...' I whispered.

'No, Rose, I'm quite sure his name is Freddie.'

The class had a quick collective chuckle before they all went back to scribbling things down into their books. All I could do was let my mouth open and close in silence as he plodded over to the empty chair next to my and sat down in it.

"Freddie" nodded in greeting to me, I returned it with a little croaking noise. Behind me, Jenny snickered at my silence. 

She leaned forward onto the back of my chair, purposely jutting her elbow into my back, 'hi, I'm Jenny.'

'Hi.' Was Freddie's curt reply, before he turned away from Jenny, who was showing a considerable amount of cleavage through the gap in her blouse, but in all honesty; it just looked like she hadn't buttoned up her shirt properly. 

Apparently, he was more interested in the games lesson that was going on outside the window, 'what's your name?' He asked, not looking away from the reflective glass panes.

'Rose  Drew.' I replied shortly, looking out the windows on the opposite side of the room. 

'Cool.' He nodded, and an awkward silence filled the air between us. 

Who was this boy??

The End

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